Abrakadoodle is always on the cutting edge with new and exciting art lessons! Specialty art classes allow kids the opportunity to focus upon one aspect of art such as painting, drawing, design or history. Our Art Classes for Kids exceed the Visual Arts Standards so that you always know kids are getting rich learning experiences while having fun.

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This popular multi-media art program helps kids stretch their creative muscles and exercise their right brains in action-oriented classes filled with color, texture, shape and fun! Our art lessons are carefully crafted to promote uniqueness and imaginative thinking as kids create their own unique masterpieces through painting, drawing, cutting, molding and exploring creative materials. Each lesson introduces a new technique and artist's style.

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Grab a paintbrush and jump right in for a colorful Kids on Canvas adventure! Use paint and collage to explore painting subjects such as the figure, landscape and still life - with a fresh Abrakadoodle twist! We use our imaginations and inspiration from a different artist each week to create with paint in a variety of ways!

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Learn to sculpt using modeling compounds, wire, wood, aluminum, plastic, string and/or paper. We'll mold, bend, twist, stretch, balance while we design each three-dimensional creation. Learn about a variety of amazing artists while creating 3D artworks that are dynamic, creative and fun!

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Learn to draw by using recognizable shapes and lines to develop unique one of a kind artwork. After the initial instruction is finished, students will be further encouraged to make their art their own by adding personal touches through further drawing techniques and rendering. Students study a variety of different artists and artist styles while using a variety of drawing tools (and sometimes paint).

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Climb on board and move Full STEAM Ahead! This Abrakadoodle journey is filled art that includes scientific discoveries, supercool technology, fabulous math connections and more! We’ll travel from Beatrix Potter’s scientific illustrations to Leonardo Fibonacci’s remarkable numbers discovery and make many stops along the way. Try your hand at robotics and draw at the same time! Learn lots of geometry while paint flows, compasses twirls and straight lines show the unexpected.

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STEAM Innovators

Innovation! Invention! Art! Brilliant minds were exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math long before the term STEAM was coined! Navajo Indians wove geometric patterns using simple machines, Leonardo da Vinci dreamed of all sorts of inventions, curious minds explored technology that led to photography, and mathematicians observed fascinating details in the world around them. Learn about these amazing innovators and create your own inventive artwork inspired by them!

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