C.I.T.-Counselor In Training Program

at Grace Episcopal School & Little Hunting Park

CITs at Baroody Camps will get the opportunity to be educated and trained to work with young children as a camp counselor.  Our program has been designed to provide 7th-9th graders an opportunity to grow their skills in an environment that promotes leadership, engagement, and professionalism.  

CITs will learn by observing other experienced staff members and by jumping in and assisting our module and team leaders.  This program is a great way for them to develop their skills, but also to prepare them for a future in the workforce.  CITs will set goals together, plan activities, and work with our campers side-by-side with the guidance of our experienced counselors and directors.   


If you are a rising 7th-9th grader, please register below at the location you are interested in. These CIT opportunities include before and after care.

If you are a rising 10th grade, please fill out the application below! These CIT opportunities are on a volunteer basis to gain counselor experience!

We are looking forward to the possibility of having you join the Baroody Camps Team!